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TAINADU - Gandhiji, Old issues etc


Gandhiji was in Mysore on 23 July 1927. When Sri P.R.Ramaiya met him and asked him for blessings, he wrote the famous shloka ' Sukha dukhe ..' from Bhagavadgita in Sri Ramaiya's diary. This shloka served as the motto for the newspaper

(1) This was one of the first issues that we could locate - It is on 12th Jan 1929 - This is the time when some newspapers were stopped by the Governement of Mysore. This is the editorial page - page # 2. The paper was in a tabloid format. The editorial asks : Why should newspapers be stopped ? It starts saying that the rules in Mysore state reg papers are draconian. No civilized country has such rules .. It further says that even in British India the rules are not so bad. The editors were sent to jail but the newspapers were allowed to run. It gives several examples including that of Tilak. The accompanying article says in the heading " There are trials for murderers and thieves but not for journalists..."

(2) This is when Simon commission visited Mysore - 27 Feb 1929

The editorial says ".. The interests of Mysore are bound up with those of India. Mysoreand also should rise or fall, sink or sail with Indians... Indians have held demonstrations .. Shall we remain passive and inert .."

(3) The day of Gandhiji's death ( Better pik to be put)

(3) This is the 2nd page of the paper on the day of Gandhili's death

It has statements by various people including K.T. Bhashyam (Congress leader), DV Gundappa ( writer/journalist )

(4) 18 Feb 1952 issue - After the first general eelctions . The head line says - The Hydrabad govt wll resign in March - It also has Cricket news ( England all out for 266 at Chepauk, Madras Also century by P.Roy ), the news of an airplane disaster, A table fiving the full results of the general elections - the no of seats in Parliament acc to state and the numbers obtained by different parties . Congress got 221 out of 459 (489 ?).

(5) An editorial in 1933 - Prof C.V.Raman's talk to journalists- The great scientist exhorts everybody to buy newspapers

Daily News

This is an English language daily founded by Sri Ramaiya. He was the editor of Daily News from the beginning to the end of its publication. He also used to write a column called over a puff of smoke. It was around for about 10 years but never reached the readership that Tainadu had. The English language newspapers published from Madras were probably more popular. The issue shown below is from a day in 1949.

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